Wilderness Ridge Collection by Marie Noah

Wilderness Ridge CollectionIntroducing the Wilderness Ridge Collection by Marie Noah, showcasing iconic wildlife scenes of the north, inspired by the 2018 Row by Row event.

Wilderness Ridge Finishing Pattern – 84″ x 108″

This year participating shops were given the option of one of four shapes to create a block pattern from. This presented a challenge I couldn’t refuse! It got me thinking, what would quilters do with them, and how would these unique shapes go together? So, the first thing I did was design a layout with sashing and pieced border to accommodate the assorted shapes. As a 2018 Row by Row collector, you’ll have an easy solution to assemble the assorted blocks acquired during your travels.

Wilderness-Ridge Finishing Pattern
Wilderness Ridge Finishing Pattern | 84″ x 108″

2018 Row by Row – 6″ x 54″ Blocks

The layout design went off without a hitch, but now I’m looking at 10 empty spaces and wondering, which shape I should use for our 2018 Row by Row? Believe it or not, I was the most intimidated by the long skinny blocks. I thought it would be difficult to create a scene with piecing in only a six-inch space. As it turned out, I had the most fun designing Salmon Run and Homeward Bound 6″ x 54″ blocks. They came together with little effort and ended up among my favorites in the Wilderness Ridge collection.

Salmon Run | Homeward Bound | 6″ x 54″ Blocks

2018 Row by Row – 18″ x 18″ Blocks

Encouraged by the success of the long, narrow blocks, I dove into the square ones. At first, I thought I would design one or two, leaving the others for simple filler blocks, but I just couldn’t help myself! Working with the square space was so refreshing after the confines of the previous three years rows all requiring the 9″ x 36″ boundaries. (I’ve created seven of those rows to date.) Needless to say, I didn’t stop until I had all four squares filled. Eagle’s Landing, Huckleberry Basin, Dall Summit and Raven’s Cache are all 18″ x 18″ blocks.

Eagle’s Landing | Dall Summit | Raven’s Cache | Huckleberry Basin | 18″ x 18″ Blocks

2018 Row by Row – 12″ x 27″ Blocks

After completing six blocks there was no turning back, I had to design something for the remaining four spaces. Surprisingly, the tall blocks were a bit more challenging to compose. I knew the quilt wouldn’t be complete without a moose and some northern lights. Moose Creek and Moonlight Serenade are 12″ x 27″ blocks.

Moonlight Serenade | Moose Creek | 12″ x 27″ Blocks

2018 Row by Row – 9″ x 36″ Blocks

I was amazed, the last two blocks took the most effort. It was the shape I was most familiar with and I thought I would just sail through the design process…NOT! After several versions of each going to the digital trash can, I was finally ready to add Grizzly Gulch and Fireweed Trail, 9″ x 36″ blocks to the collection.

Grizzly Gulch | Fireweed Trail | 9″ x 36″ Blocks

At this point, you may be asking, which block is our official 2018 Row by Row pattern? As if ten blocks wasn’t enough, I decided to make an eleventh block for the FREE handout. Get the scoop on Whale Dance and the full details of our 2018 Row by Row event here. The Whale Dance can be inserted into Wilderness Ridge if you choose, it’s a 6″ x 54″ block.

I made each Wilderness Ridge block as individual patterns to be compatible with the modular idea of the *2018 Row by Row project. It gives you the flexibility to mix it up any way you desire. I encourage you to have fun with it, be creative and remember to please share your projects with our community on Instagram using #wildernessridgequilt @northern_threads.

*The Wilderness Ridge block patterns are not part of the official Row by Row event and cannot be counted as one the eight rows needed in a winning quilt.Wilderness Ridge by Marie Noah


Finished Quilt Size:  84″ x 108″
Pattern by Marie Noah at Northern Threads.
2018 Row by Row compatible project
Skill Level: Basic Sewer

Wilderness Ridge Options.

Complete Quilt Kit
Includes: Wilderness Ridge finishing pattern, enough watercolor batik fabric to complete the sashing, borders and binding as pictured along with 10 complete laser cut kits for blocks.
Note: Batik Background fabric in the complete quilt kit is from one dye lot.

Individual Block Kits 
Includes: Block pattern, pre-fused, laser-cut appliques, enough watercolor batik fabric to complete the block, borders, and binding as pictured.

Note: Batik fabrics are hand-dyed which means background color may vary from kit to kit. 

Block Patterns: Wilderness Ridge patterns are full-color instructions for creating individual blocks with optional borders and binding.

Finishing Pattern: Block layout with sashing and borders for an 84″ x 108″ quilt. Can be used with any 2018 Row by Row blocks collected from participating shops.WildernessRidge-Patterns

Shop Designs by Marie Noah


  • Dall Summit
  • Eagle’s Landing
  • Fireweed Trail
  • Grizzly Gulch
  • Homeward Bound
  • HuckleberryBasin
  • Moonlight Serenade
  • Moose Creek
  • Raven’s Cache
  • Salmon Run
  • Wilderness Ridge Finishing


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Whale Dance – 2018 Row by Row

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