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Orca at Sea Quilt Pattern

Orca at Sea by Marie Noah

My new Orca at Sea quilt pattern is a modern take on the traditional storm at sea and snail trail quilt blocks. By choosing an array of natural ocean colors placed on a batik watercolor background in a cool grey, it has the feel of the vast ocean waters, topped off with the majestic Orca breaching …

Wildwood Quilt Pattern

Wildwood Quilt by Marie Noah

I’m excited to share my latest design, Wildwood quilt pattern with you. It features many of the Northwoods wildlife favorites in silhouette, the nocturnal owl, ravenous grizzly chasing salmon upstream, watchful moose, caribou on the move, soaring eagle and graceful sandhill crane. It’s a perfect quilt for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. I’ve made …