Finishing Pattern for Row by Row Blocks by Marie Noah

Row by Row Pattern CollectionSo what do you do with all those Row by Row blocks you’ve collected?

You’ve been collecting all those wonderful row blocks, but the big question running through your mind is “how do you assemble them?” If you just add some sashing and borders, then join them together, you’ll end up with a long, narrow quilt that isn’t very useful. You need some sort of row finishing pattern to showcase your work!

I’ve created a solution to solve your dilemma. End of the Row is a finishing pattern designed to combine six, 36″ x 9″ assembled rows into a spectacular queen sized masterpiece.

End of the Row Finishing Pattern inspired by Row by Row The pattern may look complicated at first glance, however it’s mostly basic strip piecing with a few simple angles in the frames. If you are a confident basic sewer, you will find assembling this finishing pattern easy to accomplish.

End of the Row Finishing Pattern inspired by Row by Row

Finished Quilt Size:  86″ x 108″
Pattern by Marie Noah at Northern Threads. A row pattern inspired by Row by Row.
Skill Level: Basic Sewer

End of the Row PatternEnd of the Row Finishing Pattern is available in 3 easy options.

Complete Quilt Kit
Includes: End of the Row finishing pattern, enough fabric to complete the frames, blocks, borders and binding as pictured. 6 complete laser cut kits for Borealis Ridge, Morning Stroll, Caribou Crossing, Raven’s Throne, Moose Lake & Night Watch.

Finishing Kit Only
Includes: End of the Row finishing pattern, enough fabric to complete the frames, blocks, borders and binding as pictured.

Includes: End of the Row finishing pattern with complete full color instructions to finishing your assembled 36″ x 9″ rows.

Shop Designs by Marie Noah

End of the Row Finishing Pattern inspired by Row by Row
Featured row patterns can be purchased separately.

  • Borealis Ridge
  • Caribou Crossing
  • Moose Lake
  • Morning Stroll
  • Raven’s Throne
  • Night Watch

End of the Row Finishing Pattern

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Row Patterns In The Series:

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Borealis Ridge – Row by Row 2016
Raven’s Throne – Row Pattern, Released June 2016
Night Watch – Row Pattern, Released April 2017
Morning Stroll – Row Pattern, Realeased June 2017
Caribou Crossing – Row Pattern, Released May 2017
End of the Row – Row Finishing Pattern, June 2017
Aurora Run – Row by Row 2017, June 2017

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  • I absolutely LOVE what you did with the rows. You’ve made them into a true quilt. I’ve seen so many of the rows just stacked one on top of the other. It fulfills the requirement of the RxR challenge, but it’s… odd. You’ve turned it into a BEAUTIFUL quilt!!!!! Very creative! Well done!!!!!

    • Thank you Gina for your review. That was exactly my thoughts when I created the finishing pattern. So much work goes into the rows, the rest of the quilt needs to showcase the effort.

  • Every time I see the rows I just marvel at them. The finishing touch is spectacular! I have a couple of the rows, now I will have to get busy and buy the rest of them! Very creative finishing touch!

  • I’ve been collecting rows that speak to me, but have not put them together yet as I didn’t want to simply “stack them with sashing and add a non-descript border”. The finishing kit is just the ticket. Thanks!

  • Love the colour combo and the style. It suits the rows perfectly and adds so much more interest to the quilt. The rows are beautiful on their own but that finishing kit is the perfect partnership! Well done!

  • This is a brilliant way to finish a RXR Quilt. So many quilters need this type of pattern and visual to help them complete their quilts. Your rows are exceptional.

  • Wow! So beautiful! It creates such a lovely warm feeling! Thanks for being you.

  • Beautiful, you put though into making it into a gorgeous quilt.

  • Beautiful, you put though into making it into a gorgeous quilt.

  • Wow thank you! I have some of these rows, and can’t wait to now finish them.

  • Looking forward to making a row or two, but I wonder how to quilt it and what design. Do you quilt over the appliqué pieces, and if so, what color do you use?

    • Jan – Quilting options are endless. We kept our sample quilt very simple, just a basic overall quilting. Yes, you can stitch across the applique pieces using a neutral color such as a light grey. It can be a bit scary stitching across everything when working on it up close. It feels like you are ruining the design, but the stitches don’t stand out at all once you step back from your work. Happy Quilting

  • Could this kit be made for a king size as well?

    • Kathy; It could be made larger by adding another border or making the final border wider. You would need to purchase extra fabric. If you want additional fabric used in the kit let us know what pieces you want and we can make sure you get right fabric.

  • Is it possible to buy just the pattern of these row by rows. I am totally interested

  • Are all these row by rows and finishing still available for purchase. I can’t find the info in your on line shop. Thank you

  • Hello, Northern Threads…..
    This last weekend I took the Caribou Crossing Row x Row laser cut kit that I ordered a short time ago with me to our Guild quilt retreat. Sure was a boost for me, as I have been recovering from hand surgery and just out a little less than 3 months out, so have been in a creative slump, but, was able to do this project, even with my dominant hand much less than 100% Got a lot of oooos and awes. when I showed it off. This was a retreat of 64 woman and at least a dozen of them started looking up Northern Threads when I told them were I ordered the kit from. So………….if you get more orders from the Green Bay area, they originated from this quilt retreat. They love your designs, Marie. Keep up the great work.

    • Greetings, Cindy
      Thank you so much for sharing that great story and your words of praise. It’s people like you that make it possible for me to continue what I love doing the most, designing quilts. Word of mouth is the root of my business and you have provided a great service. The icing on the cake is hearing you enjoyed my kit. Happy quilting!

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