No-Measure Bargello Quilt with Northern Lights Theme

Polar Bear Laser Cut Applique SetWe made this this stunning No-Measure Bargello Quilt with Northern Lights Theme out of 2 ½” strips without the fuss of measuring or using charts for fabric placement! Using the No-Measure Bargello pattern by Wendy Mathson makes the job a breeze. Following her brilliant technique, you just collect a strip set that has pairs of identical strips (2 each of 20), arrange for a pleasing effect  and adding a background fabric. Then use her paper guide for easy secondary slicing with no-need-to-worry organization! You know how to create the waterfall wave effect simply by following the arrows on the guide! Thinking is minimal! Basic quilting skills is all that is needed to get you through this project. You can make a Baby/Lap, Throw or Twin with this technique… just remember, that you need two sets of identical strips.  (Size pictured 64″ x 88″)

Strip Pack  2.5 Inch Northern LightsNO-MEASURE BARGELLO QUILT

Strip pack includes: 20 – 2 1/2″ laser cut strips. 2 sets is all that’s needed to make the No-Measure Bargello Quilt.
Note: Supply is limited on theses prints. They are sure to sell out very fast. We will have an alternate set featuring batik watercolors available for ordering later in Nov 2017.

Additional Supplies

Polar Bear Laser Cut Applique Set

Our version of the No-Measure Bargello quilt sewn by staffer, Doreen Morris, has a twist on the original pattern. She made use of the leftover pieced strips by continuing the bargello design into the border, creating extra visual punch. Finally, for an added bit of arctic interest, I created a polar bear roaming across a glacier to complete the spectacular night scene.

My Pre-Fused Laser Cut Applique Set, Polar Bear is easy to apply to any quilt. No prior applique experience is necessary. All you do is, gently peel off paper backing to expose fusible web. Position applique onto project as desired with fusible web side down. Cover with damp press cloth and, with iron at Wool setting, press firmly for 10-15 seconds. Repeat, lifting and overlapping iron until all fabric is fused. Remove press cloth and iron fabric to eliminate excess moisture. I prefer to free motion straight stitch around the applique edges to ensure against lifting. On a large quilt like this I usually stitch the applique to the quilt top prior to layering and quilting for easier maneuvering.

Shop Designs by Marie Noah

Northern Threads Applique Sets

Pre-Fused Laser Cut Applique Sets by Marie Noah are so easy to use!

Includes: Applique Pieces, pre-fused and laser cut.


Northern Threads Applique Sets


Fat Pack (Wolf & Trees Applique Set)   Includes: 12 – 18″ x 22″ print batiksBatik Fat Quarter Pack

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