Hoopsisters Double Wedding Ring Quilt in the Hoop

Hoopsisters Double-Wedding-RingAre you a quilter with an amazing embroidery machine in your sewing room and the embroidery unit is stashed somewhere in the corner totally unused? Perhaps you’re not sure what to make or where to start. Did you know you can make an entire quilt in your hoop? The Hoopsisters Double Wedding Ring quilt in the hoop is an excellent place to dip your toes into the embroidery waters.

Pfaff Creative Icon and Viking Designer Epic

My Embroidery Machines

I have the PFAFF Creative Icon and the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic in my sewing room. Both are dreamy machines to work with and when it comes to quilting in the hoop, you can quilt up to a 10-inch block…HEAVENLY! I just thought I would throw that in because I get the “What machine do I have?” question all the time. Of course, any embroidery machine with the ability to handle a 5 or 8-inch block will do for the Hoopsisters Double Wedding Ring quilt in the hoop.

Hoopsisters Double-Wedding-RingSuper Easy Piecing

The rings of a traditional wedding ring quilt can be very tedious and time-consuming to cut and piece together. Hoopsisters Double Wedding Ring Quilt in the Hoop makes this step a breeze. All you do is sew strips together, easy peasy and embroidery machine appliques the pieced unit in place. Easier still, the rings can also be made from one piece of fabric, which could be a solid, ombre or stripe. I think you could achieve some stunning effects with interesting fabric selection alone and no piecework at all!

For my Double Wedding Ring Quilt, I used 5 Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics. I recommend staying away from busy print fabrics. Choose very subtle tone-on-tone, gradations or simple stripes. After all, you’re taking the time to stitch out this intricate quilting, you want to make sure it stands out when it’s finished.

Hoopsisters Double-Wedding-Ring

Quilting In The Hoop One Block At A Time

The Double Wedding Ring quilting detail is exquisite and the best part is your blocks will stitch out just like mine no matter what your experience level is. Are you bursting to get started yet? Here’s more, the project comes with complete step by step tutorials to walk you through the project. Joining the blocks together is simple to do. As a matter of fact, once you learn the method you can adapt this quilt as you go to any quilt. I’ve tried it on several of my own projects, it’s simply fantastic!

Hoopsisters Double Wedding Ring Quilt in the HoopHoopsisters Double Wedding Ring Quilt in the Hoop Design CD

This traditional pattern is amazingly simple when done in the hoop of your embroidery machine with the HoopSisters technique!

This beautiful design features:

  • Only 8 Steps per Block
  • Beautiful quilting
  • The No-Sash method. Essentially the blocks are sewn together with a ¾” seam, double folded and stitched with tiny zig zag!
  • 5″ & 8″ block sizes
  • Fabric Requirements to make lap to king size quilts.
  • Made using Pre-Made Strip Sets.
  • Instructions include fabric requirements to make a twin to king size quilt. This quilt can be made as large or as small as you’d like by simply making more blocks.
  • Formats Include: .art, .dst, .exp, .jef, .pes, .vip, .vp3
  • Also includes an Electric Quilt file with PJ7 file extension.

Surprise, Suprise…. I know just where you can get the supplies for this project!!!

Buy Now ~ Hoopsisters Double Wedding Ring Quilt CD

So, was I able to convince you to dust off your embroidery unit and make the lovely quilt? Let me know if you have any questions about this project. Please share your thoughts or comments on this post. We value your feedback.


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