New Dakota Panel

DakotaExciting New Product: The Dakota Panel!

UPDATE: Panel no longer available.

Dakota Companion Prints
Dakota Companion Prints

The Dakota panel from Red Rooster Fabrics’ Studio features a wintry western landscape with a handsome timber wolf superimposed on stormy skies. A small community of mountain cabins is tucked into the foreground of pines, and rows of intricate Native American beading designs adorn the lower edge of the scene. This panel measures about 27″ wide by 44″ tall.

Dakota Panel
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Dakota captures the spirit of North-Western wilderness with amazing detail thanks to Digital Printing. Fabrics made this way are a little pricier, but we think the results are worth it! Screen printing requires lots of dye-mixing and makes detailed designs much more difficult, while digital printing can reproduce any image you can view on a computer. This technique has resulted in many new, more beautiful prints than design studios have been able to ever produce before!

This panel can make a captivating wall hanging when you add a simple pieced border, or you can use it as a striking centerpiece to a quilt. Add a personal touch with beads, embroidery stitches with natural cotton or wool threads, wooden buttons, charms, or leather lacing and cording. For a fun adornment, sew a row of leather fringe to the lower edge!

Check out the Dakota panel wall hanging designed by Gina Gempesaw for more inspiration. She framed this stunning panel with radiant diamond borders featuring the Bargello texture in blue.


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