Arctic Holiday Tree Skirt with Laser Cut Applique

Arctic Holiday Tree Skirt Laser Cut Appliques, Kits and Patterns by Marie Noah

My latest creation Arctic Holiday is a collection of projects featuring one of my favorite themes… I bet you guessed it, wildlife! I created eight laser cut applique animals to showcase. Along with my standard favorites, caribou, moose, fox, wolf, polar bear and reindeer, I’ve added a couple new ones, musk ox and mountain goat.

The Arctic Holiday collection is divided into two patterns. One is a tree skirt & runner, and the second is for the stocking & gift bag. I’ve also created three sets of ornaments to bring that special touch to your holiday décor. The decorating possibilities don’t end there. With the pre-fused, laser cut Arctic Holiday appliques you can add them to a variety of items, such as towels, table mats, pillows, quilts or totes. The possibilities really are endless.


Runner size: 16″ x 51″
Skill Level: Basic Quilter

This runner is pretty easy to make. It’s just strip piecing in the center section and the ends are paper pieced. 

Arctic Holiday Runners Laser Cut Appliques, Kits and Patterns by Marie Noah

The Arctic Holiday runner kits are packaged without laser cut appliques. This way you are free to choose the appliques you prefer.


Gift Bag Stuffing Space 14″ x 16″
Skill Level: Basic Sewing

At first glance you might think, no way am I doing all that for a gift. I want to tell you my story about fabric gift bags.

My gift bag story

I started my married life far away from my family, in a distant country. My mom sent me paper wrapped presents in the mail for our first Christmas. After a month of travel, the wrappings were destroyed. This was almost 40 years ago. The second year she got the bright idea to use scrap fabric to make cloth bags for the journey. She’s a garment sewer so they were double knit fabrics, do you remember those fabrics? The bags arrived in pristine condition and so adorable, embellished with decorative stitches and trims.

As my family grew, my gift bag collection grew. I started making bags too. They were cotton by then, all shapes and sizes. I loved how fast I could wrap our gifts and Christmas morning cleanup was a snap. No more gift wrap $$$ or paper going in the trash.

Arctic Holiday Gift BagsLaser Cut Appliques, Kits and Patterns by Marie Noah

The fabric bags are a special tradition. Every bag is unique, and their history carries special memories for our family. My boys say Christmas isn’t Christmas without our special bags. We even have “doggy bags” for the pups! As my kids have kids, I’ll pass the bags and their history on to continue their story.

It is my hope that others will see the Arctic Holiday gift bag pattern and start their own gift bag tradition. These bags are super easy to make. The pattern can be made with or without the piecing and laser cut applique. You can adapt the size to fit your needs as well. I hope you give it a go!


Stocking size:  17 1/2″ with a 9 1/2″ opening 
Skill Level: Basic Sewing

Our family stocking tradition began with ones I made similar to these. I love filling our stockings with gifts wrapped in simple tissue paper. Generally, stockings tend to be so small they only hold some tiny little thing. The Arctic Holiday stocking is a generous size, made to stuff full of goodies and special presents.

Arctic Holiday Stockings Laser Cut Appliques, Kits and Patterns by Marie Noah

The stocking kits are packaged without the laser cut appliques. Again, this allows you to choose the applique you prefer. Please note, some of the Arctic Holiday scenes are a bit too large to fit all the pieces on the stocking front, therefore, you can be creative with the layout by omitting a tree or letting part of the scene run into the seam. It will still look great!


As an added bonus, I’ve created Arctic Holiday coordinating fabric ornaments ready for you to hang on the tree, adorn garland or embellish packages. They are firm, two-sided and made from the same glittery fabric as the appliques. I’ve added a snowflake to round out the collection. The average size is about 4.5″ to 5″.

Arctic Holiday Laser Cut Ornaments by Marie Noah


Size: 49 1/2″ x 49 1/2″
Skill Level: Intermediate

The kaleidoscope piecing on the Arctic Holiday tree skirt looks complex, but it’s really very simple strip piecing. My goal is to provide detail without the difficulty. I list this project as intermediate only because there is some precision trimming involved. As long as you cut accurately, piece even quarter inch seams, press carefully and align the seams as directed before trimming, all the rest is smooth sailing. For ease and accuracy, the borders are paper pieced.

Arctic Holiday Tree Skirt Laser Cut Appliques, Kits and Patterns by Marie Noah

I love the intricate snowflake design created in the center of the skirt. Did you notice how the design looks very different on the red skirt compared to the blue? Color placement plays a big roll in the finished design.

Laser Cut Appliques, Kits and Patterns by Marie Noah


  • Tree Skirt Kits – Red/Blue
  • Table Runner Kits – Red/Blue
  • Stocking Kits – Red/Blue
  • Gift Bag Kits – Red/Blue
  • Pre-Fused, Laser Cut Applique Sets
  • Tree Skirt & Runner Pattern
  • Stocking & Gift Bag Pattern
  • Laser Cut Fabric Ornament Sets


Each of my patterns has easy to follow instructions with full-color, step by step images for creating the Arctic Holiday projects.

Arctic Holiday Patterns by Marie Noah


The appliques, available in sets of two matching animals, works great for the runner, gift bag or the stocking. I’ve also created a full set of eight for the tree skirt. These sets do not include the teardrops and circles used on the runner and tree skirt. They are sold separately in either red or blue coordinating sets.

Arctic Holiday Laser Cut Appliques by Marie Noah

I hope you have some fun with this collection, and please share your projects with us on Instagram using the tags @northern_threads, #arcticholidaypattern.

As always, happy quilting and deck your halls with an Arctic Holiday! 

Read about the new addition to the collection Arctic Holiday Gift Tags

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