Zauberball Crazy Yarn Easy Pattern Ideas

Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy YarnAt Northern Threads we are infatuated with the outrageous color combinations of Zauberball Crazy yarn by Shoppelwolle. Each colorway has unique, interesting color shifts. Made with two strands of the main ply, each is dyed individually, then twisted together for a crazy combination! The end result is a self-striping multi-colored pattern, with a bold variegated design, making it crazy fun to knit or crochet with. Just watching the color shifts emerge keeps us addicted to the next stitch, making it almost impossible to put down.

I knitted the Easy Shawlette in color #1537, using the pattern by Martina Behm. The pattern is available in store at Northern Threads or on The completed scarf is soft, light and easy to wear. It looks complicated, but really the yarn does all the detail work. You’ll enjoy creating this simple to knit project. It’s perfect to carry along for travel; and it only takes one skein. The Easy Shawlette is designed to use the entire skein with no waste. How awesome is that?

Easy Shawlette and Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Yarn

Additionally, for a little more knitting adventure you could make the Bermuda Scarf pattern by Ilga Leja. Jeanne Sneddon knitted the shop sample for us. It creates undulating waves of color that is perfectly suited to Zauberball Crazy color shifts. You’ll find it a fun, fast and addicting to knit. This project used approximately 1 1/3 skeins of Zauberball Crazy #1564. The pattern is also available in store at Northern Threads or on

Bermuda Shawl and Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Yarn

Zauberball Crazy Yarn and Crocheting

If crochet is more your thing, consider this beauty. I made the Scalloped Triangle Shawl designed by Orchidee Flower, with 1 skein each of Zauberball Crazy #2136 and #1511. It’s a color combination is reminiscent of peacock feathers, but would be amazing in many other color combos as well. The pattern is easy to memorize using the charted design provided and swapping the colors randomly throughout. The only stitches required are chain, single and double crochet; therefore a confident crocheter won’t have any trouble getting this one done. The Scalloped Triangle Shawl is a free pattern on I thoroughly enjoyed crocheting with Zauberball Crazy as it provided effortless crochet from beginning to end.

Scalloped Shawl and Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Yarn

One more Zauberball Yarn Knitting Option

Last but not least is September Circle pattern by Melissa LaBarreis. A knitted cowl pattern made in shop by Jeanne Sneddon, available in store at Northern Threads or on She chose Zauberball Crazy #2204 yarn and larger needles for a lacy rippled loop scarf with beautiful color shift. Wear it doubled around your neck for extra warmth.
September Circle and Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Yarn

In conclusion, I’m confident you will be as excited as we are about working with Zauberball Crazy Yarn.

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